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  • From mobile
  • 3 hours ago
  • #941706

Found foriegn object in Cranberry Turkey Salad...It has been several days since I reauested a responce from HEB concerning this matter...Apparently they think they have no responsibilty to address this matter in a timely fashion. They have left me no choice but to seek legal councel.

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  • From mobile
  • 14 hours ago
  • #941577

Picking up few things like every other day and had checker in a bad mood about something and when she finslly turned to me threw or flipped about every piece of grocery on the counter,, glad i had gotten the eggs earlier, and a thank you isn't much but it is nice to hear. Probally try krogers for a bit, Mother liles HEB, so did i till tonight. Thanks for letting me respond. Ron

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Really?? Is this issue being unnoticed or is it tying to be swept under the rug?? Recently I purchased a container of Cranberry Turkey Salad I was eating it..I *** down on a foriegn object in my mouth..I removed it to find it was not anything that should be in a salad...If I am not contacted to resolve this issue within 24 hrs I will seek legal advise... I have shopped locally at the HEB since 1982 and this is my first complaint..I sent an... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #940407

While just eating the "Cranberry Turkey Salad " I *** down on a foriegn object and removed it from my mouth...I also saved it...please respond promptly to discuss this situation.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 19
  • #939510

Annoying to come in on my lunch break from work to pick things up fast and only a few cashiers and long lines.

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My local HEB every time i buy fruit it has a day or 2 shelf life other than bananas. This past Sunday I went grocery shopping purchased some steak meat. Tuesday night prepped for dinner as usual and cane time for the meat. Well it was nice and pretty on top when I started to peel back the meat under was not brown but grey!!!!!! I was so upset its 7 pm and I am ready to start my dinner and the meat is gross. I could not feed that to my family. I... Read more

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Had the worse experience ever today at heb customer service in the Guadalupe heb location in laredo tx, the employee was super rude really looked like she did not wanted to work at all i was just trying to send money with the western union services, once i was almost done verifying the information my sister saw an error on the amount being sent so my sister counted my money thats when i was told by the employee that she had to cancel the... Read more

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Today my husband and I went to the HEB on Freddy Gonzalez and McColl Rd We love to purchase the stuffed salmon with the broccoli or with the red potatoes . So today we got 2 of those dinners As I ate, I bit into a foreign objectin the food, as did my husband, I immediately removed the chewed food with the object I bit into and placed it into a napkin My husband on the other hand was not able to save it He swallowed it accidently. I did call... Read more

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Hello, I interviewed for an entry level position in Corpus Christi a couple of months ago. Before graduating college I knew from the start that I wanted to work for HEB. I went on a plant tour at the bread plant and saw/heard so many great things about this company. They are "all about their people/community". I was wrong. After finally receiving my great news about scheduling a phone screening, I spent hours studying and preparing to make... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 11
  • #934554

Been working at h.e.b bakery for almost a year and it's been brought to my attention how hauntingly superficial h.e.b partners are particularly the managers and store director. I'm pretty disappointed at the immaturity of these adults. They may think I'm pretty but I don't flirt to get ahead in a grocery store. I've got bigger plans in life than buddy bucks and primo picks.

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