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My first negative encounter with HEB was in Kingsville, Texas.Turkey was out of season, but I wanted to have the Meat manager order me five fresh ones for a banquet I was having for our organization.

The manager said he would order them the next morning and that they would arrive within 2 days. I came back 2 days later and the turkeys had not arrived. The meat manager was off that day, so I asked politely if I could speak to the store manager. I was not upset, as I knew turkey was out of season, but I wanted to find out why it wasn't in stock out the warehouse or if it was even ordered at all.

Paul Handy was the store manager at the time and I told him my dilemma. He went back to check the paper work and said he had called the meat manager and said there was a mistake in order and it didn't reach the warehouse. I told him I would just take my business to Wal-Mart. He never did apologize about the turkey and explained to me that mistakes happen.

To me he was rude, unprofessional and passed the buck to the meat manager.

Story doesn't end there. I was in Corpus Christi and was buying some groceries for a barbecue for my grand daughter's quincenera and lo and behold Paul Handy was there talking to an employee when I was in the produce section. He didn't see me at first and as my cart came closer I over heard him telling this kid that worked there how things weren't getting done correctly and that he needed to work faster and more accurately. I came up to him and told him to lay off the kid and if he wanted someone to vent his frustration on someone he could have a word with me.

He rolled his eyes and mumbled something under his breathe and walked away.If any manager is reading this, please don't send Paul Handy back to Kingsville.

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This is vietnamvet.This is in respose to Anonymous Apr 27 #977343.

You were not there during these encounters. Paul Handy has a tic where he blinks his eyes, which makes communicating with him difficult. He has recently lost weight because of his high blood pressure and diabetes.

He has a degree in Criminal Justice but was too fat to be in law enforcement.

Instead, he should have went for an MBA.



It was the meat department manager who wad supposed to place the order, so the store manager calling him to ask about the order is not "passing the buck", it's gathering information.The store manager probably didn't know anything about your order, so how could he be responsible for the mistake?

Also, how is telling an employee to work faster and more accurately because things aren't getting done the same thing as venting his frustrations?

Fyi, by communicating with the associates, things get, wait for it...communicated!Your story is pointless.

to Anonymous #1168138

Paul handy is a wonderful person. If anyone is unprofessional it's you. You have NO CLASS!!!!

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