Today, Saturday September 2nd. I shopped at HEB, 5801 Weber, Corpus Christi, Tx.

The checkers are separated from one end of the store to the other. I have my receipt that shows 17 items for $97.80. The checker, Christa B, proceeds to tell me they only take 15 items. I said I do not want to walk to the other end of the store to checkout.

I spoke to the temporary manager who said they were setup that way not to interfere with customer service. I said, what is wrong with Station 12, 13, and 14. Who will you interrupt there? I am angry that the layout is such.

I don't want to go to the far end because I have too many items.

I will not go to that store any longer. I will find a store that appreciates its customers.

Review about: Heb Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You do know that the rules apply to everyone, not everyone but you? Quit being such a special snowflake, and grow up.

Also, don't make me laugh with "I don't want to walk down the other end of the store". You just walked round the store, what difference does it make?


Has it occurred to you that YOU are holding up other customers who have the grace to comply with the store's policies? Never mind the store - why should the customers behind you let you break the rules?

What makes you so special?

You don't want to walk? Be glad that you can!


Why didn't just put back two items? It's called compromise.

It's what adults have to do. Also get over it you lazy sack of poo!

I'm disabled and have to walk much farther then just the length of a grocery store. You are the problem.


Life. Get one.

This isn't a complaint.

It's a whine. There's a difference.


A store that actually enforces the express limit? Good for them!

As for the OP - enough people have touched on Harvey situation, so I'm going to offer some other food for thought: Why are you so special that you get ignore the rules which apply to everyone else?


I'm sure Harvey would do a super job of rearranging the layout for you...


Really, OP????????



I live in one of the cities that was hit by tropical storm Harvey.

The Walmart that is near me is only letting in a couple of customers at a time due to looting and the number of staff members who are able to get to work.

Would you complain about that as well?

Be thankful that there are HEB employees at that location who are able to get to work instead of complaining.

Be thankful that this HEB is even open instead of complaining. Your attitude is not one that the HEB employees need to deal with at this time.



You do realize that Corpus Christi was hit by hurricane Harvey... correct?

HEB could have chosen NOT to be open due to the amount of damage Harvey did to Corpus Christi.

You really should be thankful for this instead of complaining to HEB.

Most likely HEB Senior Management came up with this idea.

So send a letter to them instead stating everything in this complaint.

Seriously, who needs a customer like you who complains after Corpus Christi was hit by hurricane Harvey. Good grief, what an attitude you have.

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