Three different times my check has been declined at HEB by Certegy. The first time i just blew it off and used my debit card from a different bank.

Nobody at HEB gave me any information as to why but made me feel like a criminal. On my next trip I used a check again, but from another bank account. Again, declined, but this time given an 800 number to call, luckly I had enough cash to pay and leave. I called the 800 number to Certegy and after about 15 minutes was told the next time I visited HEB my check would clear, they gave me the reason that they had not processed a check on that account in 6 months, so I then informed them of the other check that didn't clear on another account.

Again I was informed next time, since I had made this call, both would clear. They were right, the next check I wrote, a week later, was accepted. But today 2 weeks later, same account, check declined. I will no longer shop at HEB as long as they us Certgy.

This company has the right to decline any check they want without any reason and HEB goes along with it. Certegy makes a profit off each check it accepts which in turn the customer pays for. They can decline your check when there is no history of fraud, insuffient funds or any criminal activity, in other words they dictate what you can spend with your own check.

If they feel the check is for to much money they can decline. HEB just lost a customer that has spent thousands with them.

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Yup. Certegy is criminal in their stupidity, basically accusing paying customers of fraud...all the while arbitrarily deeming people’s social security numbers as invalid; people who have cashed checks there before. I guess I’ll just stop shopping at HEB as well...


This is the exact same issue I am having with Certegy. I used my personal check that i write checks with everywhere else all the time(and they have cleared my bank) and with a huge grocery bill, I was declined with no phone number to call or reason.

I too was lucky to have that amount of cash on me. I finally searched down the company heb uses and found certegy. After being on the phone for 30 minutes she came back to tell me I had no delinquent checks with them and saw no reason to not "try" it again. I told the customer service representative that it is quite embarrassing to be getting denied after writing a check.

And she just advised me again that i have no reason for denial but could use another form of payment?! Ya i sure can use another form if I chose to but I have checks id like to utilize. Today I went to buy $6 worth of juice and i "tried" it again just to see if it would work and once again "denied"! Heb can stay with their systems and I will just take my checks/cash/credit cards elsewhere where they will accept my payment.

A check system should not be allowed to go on any past with anyone. Everyones situation is different and as long as no checks have been bounced.

or are still owed then IT SHOULD BE AN EASY transaction!

Rowlett, Texas, United States #951879

HEB just declined my pay check for the first time in a long time. I called the *** 888 number but call could not go through due to the weather.

I will never ever try to cash another large 1,500 check i HEB again. Found out better service at Walmart.....

to Seymore #1385107

Wal-Mart uses certify also! I just had my payroll check denied.

I will use Mr. Payroll for my check cashing.


I have had the same issue but certegy also clears checks for Murphy USA Gas, Big Lots, Academ

Floresville, Texas, United States #750863

The same exact thing happened to me in the Floresville location. I have been shopping there FOR YEARS and wanted to cash a personal check.

They let me know it was declined and tried running it through a few more times. I was allowed to use the phone to call Certegy. After being on hold for 30 minutes, I finally spoke to someone from another country. The reason the check was declined was that they do it randomly?????

They said to wait 10 minutes and the check would clear. Needless to say, after 20 minutes and numerous other attempts, my check was still declined.

I walked out with steam coming out of my ears as I work in that town and was very embarrassed. I will NEVER try cashing a check there again.

Austin, Texas, United States #703627

Sorry to hear this. I had similar problems with Telecheck.

I let them beat me because I've stopped writing checks. It's very unpleasant to have your check declined in front of a line of people. Not worth the time to fight this. In my case I caused enough of a stir via social media that I received an apology and a gift card.

Keep complaining.

Squeaky wheel gets the grease! Good luck!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #690884

How about putting your money in a REAL banking account and write a REAL personal check like most Americans?

to datacollector Floresville, Texas, United States #750866

datacollector, i have my money in a real banking account, but unfortunately, my bank is in another town and HEB cashes checks quickly for a small charge. easy way (usually) to get cash if you don't want to continually use your credit card.

to datacollector #843026

Your reply to this is useless blatant ***! Your new name useless data collector!

Brinkley, Arkansas, United States #653500

WalMart uses Certegy too. Most companies outsource their check verification.

Looks like you shopping locations have just been reduced. Good luck.

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