I was recently interviewed by an H.E.B., given the position and told that they would be calling me and another lady in for online training and get us on the schedule ASAP. I signed the background check permission and waited for the ten days they said it would take.

I have worked for HEB in the past and was not worried about the background check. After ten days passed and no word about training, I called the store. The administrator lied and said that I was "Ineligible" (her words). Even though I cleared my eligibility with the H.R.

dept. where I had previously worked even before applying. I called the Regional Office and was told that I was "Eligible" for rehire, background check was fine, and that the admin at the store should not have said that. If there is a problem with background the company that does the check contacts the candidate.

We also agreed that there needed to be some sort of communication from the store about me not being hired after all. I was encouraged to apply at other stores, even though I had been offered a position already. It was humiliating in that the people that liked me enough to hire me were now probably thinking I lied or was a violent felon. Who knows what they are told since it's policy for administrators to be able to lie.

I applied at the store I used to work at and they went through all of the proper yet cold ways of letting me know I was not selected. Take 3: I applied at yet another store and passed through the first interview to get a second interview with the Store Director. We liked each other, it went well, she hired me and offered me a great starting wage, based on my "experience and maturity." I was handed the background check form, and told that I would be contacted in 3 to 4 days for training. Needless to say, the days passed with no word.

application status said "In Process." So I called the Store Director to ask if I should call the Administrator that I was waiting to hear from. She seemed perturbed and said "No" don't call her. "Remember when I sat you down and told you.....blah blah blah." I could tell her attitude had changed. "If you don't hear from her it's because of something she found." In any other professional environment a call to check on why you haven't been called in for training after being HIRED is not frowned upon.

Not with H.E.B. apparently hiring you and never calling you back for whatever reason is the norm. I wanted to think it was a fluke at the first store but now I'm thinking there is some slander or misrepresentation happening on the part of a former CCM. The law is that they can only tell them when I worked for H.E.B.

and when I left H.E.B. If you are fired due to time and attendance, you are ELIGIBLE for rehire after one year. Soooooo....all of that is discussed during the interview process. The Store Director made the decision to hire me again, knowing all of the details of my past with H.E.B., apparently these administration people have more seniority than a Store Director and can decide if you're REALLY hired, AND can then just choose to never contact you again.

How many weeks have I been waiting to start training after being hired then ignored twice? Over six weeks.

Very odd. I'm sure there is a law or two being broken here and fully plan on following up with Regional and Corporate office.

Reason of review: Hiring Process.

Preferred solution: H.E.B needs to divulge why they are acting so unprofessionally towards me and probably other new hires..

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Yeah theyre policies are very suspicious and unprofessional. I had applied.

Had interview, after interview I was told my pay offer, tour of plant, met with the person who would be my lead and even was shown where I would work. After feeling so confident that i had the job the dude told me he had filled the position. I was like WTF.. A total waste of time.

I passed background and all.. I re-applied than i recieved several emails about the job fair openings; went than later received emails saying i wasnt excepted.

Tuckerman, Arkansas, United States #1320715

Wow seriously so it isn't just the pharmacy that needs some attention. It is the whole store and it's worker's attitudes wow.


I have applied at HEB so many times and every time I just get a rejection email. I don't get it either, I have really good credentials.

I even have a university degree.

It's really frustrating. Especially when all I get is a rejection email that I can't even reply to that was obviously a template—I don't even know if a human actually touched my file.

to Anonymous #1249635

I have gotten 3 of these. It's so frustrating.

I also have a university degree and 5 years of customer service experience, including 2 years retail. I'm more than qualified for the position.

Temple, Texas, United States #1156515

Who do they use for background checks?


same boat


they hire felons so what ever


I guess that this has happened before, I just went through the same thing. One store just gave me the run around and the other other store just flat out told me they don't like rehires and I actually got an interview with an HEB on Gattis School Road and have not gotten a call back.

REALLY! it is frustrating.

I filed a complaint and going the head store actually! This is very unprofessional of HEB corporation and Management!

Debra Benavidez


I need to add that I was lied to a second time when I contacted the first store about their "Ineligible" reason being wrong. They then changed up their story and said that they had hired too many candidates and I was basically weeded out.

Still no good reason as to why I was not notified of this. You'd think that would be an important part of this process, actually communicating with the candidate like they were a human being and not a number.

to Anonymous #880350

the position was still open the last time I looked on the website. so hiring "too many candidates" was also a bold faced lie. seems strange that their psyche evaluations are all about being honest and having integrity yet the people over looking hiring are neither.

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