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Well first off I do not appreciate HEB grocery selling out to illegals. HEB sold out by opening a MI Tienda Mexican grocery store and closed the regular HEB store near by.

I do not see how this is a part of the HEB family, they do not even sell ha/f of what HEB stocked, all the signs around the store; like entrance, exit, etc. are in Spanish.

This store is only basically here to cater to all the illegal immigrants here in Houston.

When it first opened I did visit to see what this was about, and because they closed the HEB store down.

I visited the store today and it smelled like a dirty old slaughter house, it would have made any hunger feeling one might have had vanish. I could not be in the store for very long.

A good bit of employees can not speak English, and asking 20 different employees if fig season was in, they did not know what the *** a fig was. Pathetic.

The first sell outs was Sam's Whole sell. they opened a specific store to only cater to illegal immigrants.

It is like slapping the face of every American, and even all those who became American legally.

It is like accepting the fact that were are over run by illegal immigrants and this is just another way to say, the *** with America, this is how it is now, tough ***.

***! Any needed support that our Government offers the poorer of people are being abused by all the immigrants illegally here. Food stamps, TANF, WIC, our jobs, our money, our health care, etc... And now they are catering by opening all Mexican stores. The new Mi Tienda that just opened here in Houston has all and only Mexican staff. Any other company not having their general token employees would be targeted and called racist, so this grocery store needs to be called out on the topic.

I will not shop at any location like this again, by shopping there people are just supporting the non diversity, racist store, and supporting illegal immigration.

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199 of 212 Heb reviews
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Dec 02, 2015 #1072794

Lets be real I don't see anyone but Hispanics working at these type stores. Krogers, Randalls, has to be diverse so should Heb. Everyone should follow the same rules. If you no have no problem with this then stop complaing about others thing not being in spanish. The Indians hadbefore Texas long beforelong Mexico and the US, remember had is past tense over.

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Dec 02, 2015 #1072800

The Indians had Texas long before Mexico and the US, remember had is past tense over.

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Sep 11, 2015 #1032597

HEB hires illegal workers by having a contractor that is legal employ the illegal workers and pay them.

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Jul 10, 2015 #1005793

I think the OP has taken a wrong turn of the road of life. The OP has outed him/her self as a Texan who probably never travels beyond the mailbox. Narrow-minded and probably goes to church, emerging after service on Sunday all sanctified and holier-than-thou. Then they spout this sewage.
As others posted here previously, Texas was once Mexico. HEB chose to offer a market targeted to Latinos with products they like and purchase often. That's called capitalism. Yes, HEB is probably exploiting the issue, but that's a different argument. If the Latino customers like what is offered to them, then good.
As for the signage in Spanish, you cater to your clientele in the language that is native to them. Your short-sighted, entitled, bitter, racist post reminds me of the behavior exhibited by the elderly Anglos that populate Alamo Heights, a suburb in San Antonio.

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May 18, 2015 #985782

as someone who used to work there, customers like these bring sadness to the mind. The employees there are required to speak spanish because its called mi tienda a store opened up to the hispanic community, also not everyone who works in there is mexican, some people come from other countries and have to have legal documents to work. majority of the front service staff are young adults or current students

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Apr 27, 2015 #977402

The racism in this country is too sad. I am african american and I love Mi Tienda, I don't live in the area it is en-route home from work. I love some of the products they offer and the grilled chicken is "THE BEST", I won't even mention the fresh juices (some I would not have possibly tried before if it wasn't for this ethnic gem) now when I want something like oh shall I say "figs, LOL" I can get in my car and drive to any other store that I see fit...isn't that the beauty of a city. We have stores to fit any and every demographic. If I want mostly organic, or a different aesthetic I can go to WholeFoods, Trader Joe's, Kroger or Randall's and so many others -- WOW "ignoramus" look at your choices...so get a grip, don't shop there and take you narrow mind elsewhere.

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The profit

Sep 22, 2014 #874080

Just a little history lesson for you my friend. You are standing in what was once mexico. You don't know that because they won't teach you that in school. What they teach you is his story. Just imagine how the American Indians feel ! They were forced from their land given a *** hole place to live and told to be happy that they have that. Everything comes full circle. What comes round goes around ! Not a good feeling to be
The minority does it. Get used to it !
Have a great life ol boy"
The profit.

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to bad so sad

May 15, 2014 #815781 Austin, Texas, United States

You are absolutely right. HEB is pro immigration as they have stores in Mexico and want to attract those customers who come here illegally. Also they want to hire these people a lower wages and get bi-lingual workers on the cheap. Mexican workers are advanced and are treated better than other races at HEB.

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May 14, 2014 #815428

What an ignorant racist! They do speak english *** but choose not to talk to you that's what's awesome of bilingual. Your wife must of cheated on you with the landscaper, not a surprise, they love to hear dirty things in spanish!

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Oct 01, 2013 #724052 Houston, Texas, United States

OH and if you're mad bc they're catering to them because they have to speak Spanish, then you're missing all of HEB's marketing strategy, THAT'S THE POINT, for us to feel like we're at "home". sooo, yah. just don't go there if you don't like the environment. since most of the surrounding is Hispanic, they said, hey, let's make some money! so really we should be the ones mad but we don't care, we just worry about our own. ahem. what you should contemplate doing. maybe then you wouldn't be so racist. that area has ALWAYS been dense in Hispanic population. so maybe YOU should move on. first come...

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Oct 01, 2013 #724048 Houston, Texas, United States

Hey you, I was in Marketing class today. You know who was there? Scott from HEB, you know the guy you see on tv. The first store was in San Antonio in 1905. They made 5 other ones. Fails. You know where they took the 7th store? A border town, and that was their biggest hit. Joe V and Mi Tienda, he said are gold. You know what's a big part of Marketing? They care about PROFITS not status, where there's money, there's money, get it, or someone else will take it. So really HEB has ALWAYS tried to cater to HISPANICS. FIRST GENERATION. They won't make any more though, so don't worry, there's aren't enough first generation Mexicans throughout Houston anymore so you can stop worrying about your racism being shown everywhere.

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Aug 02, 2013 #692195 Mexia, Texas, United States

I love this store. Me encanta ir a esta tienda cada que viajo a houston voy a comprar aqui.Dentro de la tienda Siempre bien alegre *** musica. Me hace sentir en mexico. Ojala y abrieran un a tienda aqui donde yo vivo. Siempre buenas ofertas. Y ese pobre tonto ofendido por la tienda como no repela por manejar en los hwys de houston que son contruidos en su mayoria por ilegales y las verduras y frutas que compra en cualquier hebson sembradas y cocechadas por ilegales . Claro nadamas quiere vernos trabajar como burros y si nos dan un poquito repela pobre tonto ofendido.

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Jul 10, 2013 #677564

Pretty sad if you have to generalize and compete with undocumented people. You probably did not make the wisest decisions in your life being from america and all. And given all the opportunities this great country has to offer. You know your just a "hater" or a typical nontraveled texan. Oh wait your proud to be ignorant as well right? Leave the the "true american " status to the native americans. The southwest has only been part of the US for a little over 140 yrs.. Where were your peeps then? It was still Mexico. And please remember most Mexicans (at least the ones that come to the US) are dark because they are native americans.

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rolando mota del campo

Jul 03, 2013 #674105 Houston, Texas, United States

if you dont like the store dont go....you fukin *** .the name is MI TIENDA. not CRACKER.BARRELL. and how many stores still cary figs . what a jerkoff..

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Fellow partner

Jun 08, 2013 #662230 Houston, Texas, United States

If you did not understand then i will explain this to you: 1.this store is a MEXICAN themed store 2. The number 1 requirement to be employed here is to be able to speak Spanish and last time I checked those were for the most part Hispanic people and 3. the store does not hire people without legal documentation!! Most of the employees there are young and are bilingual, there are only a few who don't really speak it that well and they are usually in the kitchen or tortilleria so I highly doubt that you asked 20 different employees and none of them spoke English well. When you are being interviewed here the whole interview is in Spanish because it is a REQUIREMENT! I'm sure if a black, white or Asian person who applied there and could speak, read, and write fluently in Spanish then they would be hired. And for you saying that illegal immigrants abuse the system and receive all these benefits, you are wrong once again... The government does NOT give these benefits to people without legal documentation. The store has just about every HEB store brand product as a regular HEB and yes I know because I work there and have to put up all the stuff people leave laying around so I pretty much know where every product in the store is at. HEB did not sell out, MI TIENDA is owned by HEB if anything HEB is making so much more money off of the Hispanic community with the store. Regardless we wouldn't want people like you to shop at Mi Tienda so you can take your business elsewhere because... Show more

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May 27, 2013 #656795 Houston, Texas, United States

Remember when you call a Hispanic or "Latino" Illegal, you and your ancestors are the first illegals. If you are an American, you are the new American, we are the old American, original to these lands that the Europeans stole, rape and committed genocide to obtain it illegally. Do you really want to stay in this country? Shut up and be thankful that Texas is going back to Mexico, see what is the population ratio to whites, you are a sorry, ignorant racist. Just ask God for mercy and may give it to you.

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May 23, 2013 #655503 La Porte, Texas, United States

I find it absolutely amusing how upset you are about this. Yet didn't your ancestors do the same thing? Stole land from the Natives, and built their own stores on it, a slap in the face to every single Native American who was here before them. Stores to cater to those who had gotten here illegally. Karma's a *** isn't it?

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May 11, 2013 #649346 Houston, Texas, United States

You are really ignorant people like you absolutley mae American cityzens absolutley ashamed of the words you are speaking this is a free country and oh well Mi Tienda is here to stay and it is also really loved by not just mexicans but by white and blacks too . So next time you talk about a wonderful store get other peoples opinions you racist American pieece of *** .

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proud latina

Mar 21, 2013 #626421 Houston, Texas, United States

LMAO!! first of all you calling out every hipanic that shops or works ther is an inmagrant and racist, when reality thr racist person is YOU!!!! and all of the people that gave likes to the *** u wrote! Honestly ur pathetic what type of person are i swear all of you white people are fuicking racist yall think that every *** hispanic is an imgrant or is 'mexican' thats some *** they're are ALOT OF DIFFRENT latinos not only mexican and so what if they made a ''MEXICAN'' store for hispanics the whole point of it was for latinos to shop there t
and that they feel like they can go somewhere where they can be understood ,like heb all u see is white ppl so wtf u talking about!
what *** generation are you in ,its 2013 nobody now a days gives a *** what race u are anymore!
united states is a free country its not ruled by you white people you *** *** learn to *** respect other human beings and stop being so *** judgemental and rasict!! and next time you call another hispanic ''imagrant or ''mexican'' learn about the world and search all the countrys they're are and nationality of all types of hispanics dumb ***!
you need jesus ,ohh wait ur gonna say jesus is white like u too lol

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