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HEB advertises on the radio that their meat was probably processed and packed after one leaves their house to go to HEB. Pure advertising bs.

Their hamburger meat is old. They put the new meat on the top and the old meat in the middle. Other grocers use to do that. One sees the fresh meat when one looks at the package but when one gets home and opens the package, one sees the old meat on top surrounding the old grey meat in the middle, pure disgusting.

HEB use to be the best, and they were the only grocer that I would go to. I live in San Antonio, and companies like Frost Bank and HEB were hometown companies that we backed but now HEB has really changed. Sounds like the bean counters took over, and we know what happens when the bean counters take over. I have seen so many companies suffer after the bean counters took control.

I want my old HEB back. What happened?

Did the Butts let someone else control the business? HEB is going straight downhill.

Reason of review: policy change on freshness in the meat department..

Preferred solution: The value is priceless. I want my old HEB people back. HEB was the best grocery store, anywhere, ever. Bring back the old values..

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