this has happen to me two times the problem has not been fixed. i do not know what to call these things they are somekind of cast iron thing that lays around the trees out in the parking lots.this store has not done nothing about it.i trip fell into the grocery cart.the second time i almost fell with my baby.this has been going on the last two years i thought i would give the store a chance to fix it but looks like they don,t care.so i found this.i have called this store about the problem and i get the same old thing we well look into this.i ask for who is the safety officer in this region they never tell me.

this thing is up high enough to trip.my next step if this happens to me i well have a attorney to take care of it. this store georgetown tx university rd.

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Keep off the grass!


Another solution would be to look where you are walking. Why would you be walking that close to trees, anyway? You know they are around the trees, so a good part of the problem must be yours.

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