On Monday the 23rd of December I went grocery shopping as I always do after I got off from my work, around nine. Let me just say I am SO VERY DISSAPOINTED.

I Shop every week, I DON'T go grocery shopping anywhere else. I am a very loyal customer and I am so shocked that this happened. I bought your HEB brand hot cocoa mix with mini marshmallows because I figured "why not? I'm feeling festive." and there was a coupon that came with it.

I didn't open the box that night but I did later on that week. When I opened the box there was bright red and black tape on one of the envelopes. I kind of thought it was like a prize or something and then I took it out and its pretty obvious that someone cut open the envelope and then put tape all over it in order to not have to throw it away. I have never, ever had a problem at any HEB that I've gone to.

I am just so disappointed. I have family that works in the Houston warehouse and family that's worked in the Houston HEB store.

We are very loyal to your company. I know your company is big and things happen but I would let your warehouse people know that that's unacceptable and makes an unhappy customer.

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Fort Myers, Florida, United States #778148

If the box was sealed then common sense tells you that no one at the store did it. It probably happened at the manufacturing plant.

Take it back for another one or a refund. No way can HEB or any other retailer control things like that.


It looks like it happened during the packaging process at the manufacture. It looks like the tape was on the rolls of paper used to package the product. I'd take it back and exchange it for a new one.

Elmhurst, Illinois, United States #766267

My first thought was- Sounds like someone purchased the box of cocoa, had buyers remorse, taped the packet shut, glued the box shut and returned it. Since the box was sealed upon return, the store thought nothing of it, and put it back on the shelf.

Then again, if it was a return why didn't they just leave the packet out? hmm strange.

I hope you took that box back to the store, and explained the situation, so they can make sure it wasn't purposely tampered with. :?

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