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This particular complaint is just the latest in a long line related to the store at Austin Hwy and Harry Wurzbach. With the exception of the cashiers - who are virtually all very polite and personable - and at least one of the management team (who actually went out of his way to ask if he could help me while I was looking perplexed in the produce department)- no one at this store seems to know how to interact with the public.

Today, I tried to fill a prescription at the pharmacy - and was told that unless I could provide certain information, they couldn't fill my prescription. The would-be crucial information was my husband's birth date: yes, the policy is under HIS name. But even so, this blind-sided me - he has been dead for 23 years, and none of my other health care providers or pharmacies have required this information. And I was on foot, having walked to the store to get this prescription filled. The icing on the cake? The clerk was rude!

I won't be back. I walked an additional mile to Walmart, where my late husband's birth date wasn't an issue. If your customers think Walmart has a better business model - and are willing to walk twice the distance in the Texas heat to shop there - maybe it's time to rethink things. Hmmm, HEB??

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it was marbock HEB



we found a three year old steak in the dairy isle,and we knew about the fresh or free policy so we went up there to get a steak for free and they were calling us a thief and a liar they were saying we brough it in. :( it was so humilateing!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #777772

look lady im sorry about your husband but why is he still on the policy if he's dead? anyways the walmart on austin highway has gotten very ghetto in the past couple of years.

it use to serve the pretty white folk of alamo heights but now its ran by monkeys for monkeys. Its like a zoo, gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees. employess and customers. My wife (a beautiful blonde from alamo heights) was visually rape by those monkeys.

So recently i've taken my service to heb with great hispanic employees, great customer service and very rarely do i see a monkey in the store. HEB is great, 100x better than walmart.

to WhiteyMcgee #1005779

How can you type with your hood on?

San Antonio, Texas, United States #690877

You should have told HEB pharmacy that your husband was no longer alive and they would have updated your records. They don't know everyone's personal history and to assume that they should have done something for you is absurd. Walk all the way to WalMart because they're prices are higher and good luck finding any help there.


If your husband is dead why is the policy still under his name? :x

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